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15th September 2017
The tentative timetable looks pretty good;
I hope it stays, my Lord!

Perspectives for the new actor-drummer:
contact made; great!

14th September 2017
Accoglienza; bene: I speak, too!

Le Parole Meeting is really positive:
Sandro's going to stay, Alberto's leaving.
The project is up and about, though!
Thank you, Lord!

13th September 2017
Books, rules & girls:
worse than I hoped, better than I feared!
The start is pretty good, my Lord!

12th September 2017
Figura strumentale; ufficiale!

Wanna & Sun

11th September 2017
Lee Child's *Night School* finished.
James Patterson's *Never Never* started.

Meeting for AudioVideo Tech;
Next prove we'll deliberate.

The PPT for the rules is ready:
now it's all in your hands, my Lord!

Sunday 10th September 2017
Ama il prossimo tuo

09th September 2017
Wedding anniversary at the pub; bene.

i-Tunes files in order; fantastico!

08th September 2017
London Video's excellent!
And the copyright problems will make it mine musically, too!

07th September 2017
New Books & Records updated and uploaded

06th September 2017
Prove importanti: we moved our day
plus we talked about money!

James Patterson books are home.
Bob Dylan's new records, too.

05th September 2017
Meeting for *Le Parole* scenography, lights, audio and more; bene!

04th September 2017
i-Tunes last entries perfectly tagged

New (old?) wallet from Amazon!

Sunday 03rd September 2017
Non entrate nella Chiesa finche' non la sentite come un'ampliamento della liberta'.
Padre Jean de Menasce

02nd September 2017
New wirelelss air printer's ok

School intros & programs

01st September 2017
La frattura tra fede e cultura e' uno degli errori piu' gravi del nostro tempo
Gaudium et Spes 43

Collegio Docenti di inizio nuovo anno:
Preside mi propone come Figura Strumentale per il web!

Records Of The Month

31st August 2017
Last scrutini & 2016-2017's over!

New wireless printer

30th August 2017

Paper diary & digital diary updated

Prove: good and promising for the show organization!

29th August 2017
Riparazione exams fatti

My new Smemo updated

Books, Records, new Printer and old wallet ordered from Amazon!

28th August 2017
School sweet school
Home exams home

Sunday 27th August 2017
E tutto e' grazia.

Le Cose show; just a thought, for now; but a nice feeling..

Dylan tags completed; beautiful!

26th August 2017
Stephen King's *End Of Watch* finished.
Lee Child's *Night School* started.

Next year's books on my desk

25th August 2017
Back to school with a disputable solution for the web;
we'll see what happens.

24th August 2017
Cattedre: Scienze Umane x4; bene.
Web disappeared; will it be paid or deleted?
I'm good to go the whole way, though.

Home Libraries worked out; bello.

23rd August 2017
Lakes and lacks

22nd August 2017
Will you? Yes I will, yes.

Dylan tags; marvelous!

21st August 2017
Pietre vive

Pietre meno vive

Sunday 20th August 2017
...e rimetti a noi i nostri debiti
come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori

Liceo 17-18 files and Smemo ready

19th August 2017
Smemo and school things with Lucia.
School news a bit worrying, though.

18th August 2017
Lee Child's *Make Me* finished.
Stephen King's *End Of Watch* started.


17th August 2017
Cittadella in bloom

16th August 2017
i-Tunes updated with Soundtracks.
Lots of files still to be ordered, though.

15th August 2017
...porta in Cielo tutte le anime...

Back to the movies

14th August 2017
London video project

Sunday 13th August 2017
*...but the Lord was not in the wind.
 And after the wind an earthquake, 
but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 
And after the earthquake a fire, 
but the Lord was not in the fire
1 Kings 19, 11-12

*...ma il Signore non era nel vento. 
Dopo il vento ci fu un terremoto, 
ma il Signore non era nel terremoto.
Dopo il terremoto ci fu un fuoco, 
ma il Signore non era nel fuoco*
1 Re 19, 11-12

General playlist! Bellissimo!

12th August 2017
Music files and loving diners

Money (pochi) from exams

11th August 2017
KKCL pictures; nice!

i-Tunes better and better

10th August 2017
Grazie & S.Anna.
Let's find a way back home.

09th August 2017
Rock rehearsals; e io ascolto Mambo.

08th August 2017
Fine(s) Beanie

07th August 2017
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

*Personal* on Wiki

Sunday 06th August 2017
Mi invocherà ed io gli darò risposta
Salmo 90

Lee Child's *Personal* ended.
Lee Child's *Make Me* started.

05th August 2017
Pet Shop Boy sleeps late

04th August 2017
Riscattami ed abbi pietà di me
Salmo 25

03rd August 2017
Records Of The Month

Le Parole updated

Wives, Mums and Churches

02nd August 2017
London book, DB, things and facts.
Thank you, Lord!

Le Parole: last part finished!

25th July - 01st August 2017
London 2017 Liceo

24th July 2017
London book, london bag.
New Pocket Diary, Parents' Group.

Nicole: third degree and third downturning!

Sunday 23rd July 2017

22nd July 2017
Bags and hotel rooms

21st July 2017

20th July 2017
Confession & Free Pigeons

Driving Licence

London Meeting: bene.

19th July 2017
Tertium non datur; alea iacta est.
Totus tuus; amor omnia vincit.

Provato anche il finale; bene!

18th July 2017
London Bag; let's go!

17th July 2017
Rumours, Sounds and Noises

Sunday 16th July 2017
La tua salvezza, Dio, mi ponga al sicuro
Salmo 68

Lee Child's *A Wanted Man* finished.
Lee Child's *Personal* started.

Review published on Wikipedia.


15th July 2017
Back to S.Anna; will she help?

14th July 2017
Web update with some beautiful pics:
the boss is happy and so am i!

13th July 2017
To mum's with Lucy

Pics for driving licence

12th July 2017
London project online & sent to kids

*Le Parole dei Profeti* updated

11th July 2017
London Project's ready; I like it!

Maturity tales: title under construction, though.

10th July 2017
Maturity's over: it's been alright!

Cia to mum's

Sunday 09th July 2017
Io voglio essere l'ultimo ad essere salvato.
E non voglio essere salvato da solo.

08th July 2017
Cittadella with Lucia

07th July 2017
Quando riassumi e categorizzi il Padre, viene fuori la Madre

Voti di maturità a Piove: e partono le polemiche!

FCE Card

06th July 2017
School website update completed

05th July 2017
Le Parole Dei Profeti rehearsals with slides and scenography.
Promising, I'd say!

04th July 2017
FCE: shadows and lights.

03rd July 2017

La scuola (non) va in vacanza
published on the school website

Sunday 02nd July 2017
L'uomo e' cio' che prega
Padre Carretto

2017 BarCitLon playlist

Lee Child's *The Affair* finished.
Lee Child's *A Wanted Man* started.
Wikipedia article updated!

01st July 2017
Orals; excellent start, I'd say!

Records Of The Month

30th June 2017
Written corrections over!
Now let's got with the orals!

29th June 2017
Books from Amazon:
Lee Child is now complete!

Le Parole General Rehearsal confirmed.
Bass crisis again.

28th June 2017
Terza Prova & Correzione italiano

27th June 2017
Home from exams; but exams are never over.

26th June 2017
Seconda prova's over

Sunday 25th June 2016
Trinity: 1+1+1=3 overcome by 1x1x1=1:
it's banal, but I like it!

24th June 2017
Brothers, band and forgiveness

23rd June 2017
Seconda Prova.2 & healing videos

22nd June 2017
Cittadella; video.

I've changed the end of the show
plus many things;
I like it!

Ordered the last Lee Child novels

21st June 2017
Cittadella: Italiano.
The kids are pretty

Prove con slides e testi

20th June 2017
Collegio Docenti for retired
Exam message on Facebook.


19th June 2017
Cittadella: school ok.
Terrible schedule.
Rehersals at jeopardy.

Sunday 18th June 2017
he io non cerchi tanto
di essere compreso, quanto di comprendere;
di essere amato, quanto di amare.
Poichè è dando, che si riceve;
perdonando, che si è perdonati.

Lee Child's *Worth Dying For* finished and published on Wikipedia.
Lee Child's *The Affair* started.

London project update
Le Parole word slide

17th June 2017
Confession, hidden confession and open confessions.
It's all grace, in the end, I hope.

16th June 2017
The end of scrutini; benissimo, direi.
The VC special meeting is particularly instructive and funny.
I thank you, Lord!
Now watch upon me on Esame di Stato!

15th June 2017
Positive answers from the band; very well.
Now it's up to Cittadella dates!

14th June 2017
Pizza VC: they really wanted me; dear girls!

Prove per scenografia; benissimo!
Calendar & Availability; let's play!

13th June 2017
London 2017 Project with dates

Scrutini Umane; it's all good.

12th June 2017
VC Ammissioni; bene.
The Manes incident; oh, Lord!

Sunday 11th June 2017
Dio, infatti, non ha mandato il Figlio nel mondo
per condannare il mondo, ma perche' il mondo
sia salvato per mezzo di lui
Gio 3:17
For God did not send his Son into the world
 to condemn the world, but in order that the world
might be saved through him.
John 3:17

10th June 2016
School's over but I like it.
Thank you, Lord!

09th June 2017
Books away; one more year is gone, my Lord!

London 2017 project on the move

08th June 2017
London Meeting; benissimo!

07th June 2017
Programs / Marks / Relations

06th June 2016
Lee Child's *61 Hours* finished.
Lee Child's *Worth Dying For* started.

Summary published on Wikipedia

05th June 2016

Sunday 04th June 2017
..penso che il mondo stesso non basterebbe a contenere i libri che si dovrebbero scrivere
Giovanni 21:24

03rd June 2017
Programs to be completed.
Dreams to be deleted.
Projects to be defined.
Folders to be saved.

02nd June 2017
Egli si è ricordato del suo amore
Salmo 97

Sunbathing in the garden

01st June 2017
Records Of The Month

Funny Snaps & Folders Moving

31st May 2017
We & my Mum; nice!

General rehearsals; we miss slides only!

30th May 2017
Telecom and HD trouble to solve

29th May 2017
Teachers in Trenches

Sunday 28th May 2017
Quando leggiamo nel Vangelo che Gesù parla degli uccelli
e dice che nemmeno uno di essi è dimenticato davanti a Dio,
saremo capaci di maltrattarli e far loro del male?
Papa Francesco

27th May 2017
Dies horribilis in 2U

26th May 2017
Clumsy lawnmowers and electric currents of love

25th May 2017
The Cattedre Incident.
The Privacy situation.
Grazie, Greta.

24th May 2017
Web site updated with no-picture news.

Music Room paid.

Prove: 2nd part of the script rehearsed; bene!

23rd May 2017
Wanna by bike; cute!

22nd May 2017
Lee Child's Gone Tomorrow finished.
Lee Child's 61 Hours started.

Published stuff on Wikipedia, too.

Sunday 21st May 2017

Egli ci ha fatti e noi siamo suoi
Salmo 99

20th May 2017
Web forbidden to minors: big problem
Collegio straordinario per libri di testo:
bene ma non benissimo.

19th May 2017
Tests and girls

18th May 2017
Back to blades.
Back to riding.

17th May 2017
Collegio Docenti with web compliments: thank you, Lord!
4B special assembly; marvellous girls; God have mercy!

Le Parole Dei Profeti Sono Scritte Sui Muri.
Prove veramente promettenti.

16th May 2017
Last parents meetings

15th May 2017
Mum's Party & Ulivo: God bless!

Sunday 14th May 2017
Questa è l'opera di Dio: che crediate in colui che egli ha mandato
Giovanni 6:29

13th May 2017
Comunione e Liberazione
Innocence and Experience
Girls and Women

12th May 2017
Le Parole Dei Profeti Sono Scritte Sui Muri

11th May 2017
CdC showdowns: sarà vera gloria?
Please, Lord!

10th May 2017
VC last CdC; bene, dai!

NRL meeting for slides and scenography

09th May 2017
Frank Zappa: what a discography!

Web articles galore!

08th May 2017
Michael Connelly's *The Wrong Side Of Goodbye* finished.
Lee Child's *Gone Tomorrow* started.

Connelly's plots published on my web and the last one on Wikipedia, too; great.

Sunday 07th May 2017
Coraggio, io ho vinto il mondo
John 16:33

06th May 2017
Bicycle and running

Students' meetings: thank you, Lord!

05th May 2017
Dato che non si è mai sentito al mondo...

04th May 2017

Bike checking

03rd May 2017
Books & Records updated in i-Tunes and in my i-Tunes book

NRL meeting postponed to have Gigi with us

02nd May 2017
Lee Child from 13 to 18 have arrived!
Plus Triplicate and Under The Covers from Dylan, too.

01st May 2017
Records Of The Month

Important web updates

Sunday 30th April 2017
Spera nel Signore, sii forte
Salmo 26
(Credi! nel Signore)

London 2017 WhatsApp Group

29th April 2017
London DB made

I Need You's, She Needs Me.

28th April 2017
Thinking of me while doing something bad:
you really make me feel important for you;
and that's what it's all about, kids.

27th April 2017
NRL project officially started; names and places!

London is now definitive; let's get ready!

26th April 2017

Londinium updated

25th April 2017
Libero, poi liberato e infine Liberato.

24th April 2017
YouTube project started; Genesi uploaded

Sunday 23rd April 2017
Proteggimi, o Dio: in te mi rifugio
Salmo 15

22nd April 2017
Just got SU; just got SU problems..

Brivione and friends; fantastic gig!

21st April 2017
*My* school web site is online; great!

Dipartimento: weird but farsighted; at least that's what I hope!

20th April 2017
Lee Child's *Nothing To Lose* finished.
Michael Connelly's *The Wrong Side Of Goodbye* started.

Lee Child and Bob Dylan ordered from Amazon

19th April 2017
Back to S.Anna rehearsals; details and good mood.

18th April 2017
Happy birthday, Lucia!

17th April 2017
Lunedì dell'Angelo with school things; might be good.

Sunday 16th April 2017
Easter Of Resurrection

Il Verbo incarnato porti serenita' nella mia casa
e gioia a chi su di essa conta ogni giorno.

Il Verbo incarnato porti pace a voi
e a chi su di voi conta ogni giorno.
Buona Pasqua di Resurrezione!

15th April 2017
Holy Saturday
Non sarà condannato chi in lui si rifugia
Salmo 33

14th April 2017
Holy Friday
Distogli lo sguardo dai miei peccati
Salmo 50

13th April 2017
Holy Thursday
Popoli tutti, battete le mani
Salmo 46

12th April 2017
The Cattedre situation

11th April 2017
Rehearsals; it really works!
Let me do this, my Lord!

10th April 2017
Theatre and my 2ASU girls; thank you, Lord!

Palm Sunday 09th April 2017
Cantate al Signore un canto nuovo, con arte suonate la cetra ed acclamate
Salmo 33
Sing to him a new song; play skilfully on the strings, with loud shouts
Psalm 33

08th April 2017
Parents' meeting; really positive, especially Scienze Umane!

07th April 2017
Rallegratevi che i vostri nomi sono scritti nei cieli
Luca 10:8

06th April 2017
Preside meeting; it's all good.

NRL pics on the slide

05th April 2017
Updates on NRL script; all like them.

04th April 2017
Letter to the Preside; she welcomes it; bene!

General rehearsals for NRL; really really good!
I play with a wireless guitar; big time!

03rd April 2017
Letter to kids to thank them all for Barcelona

London 2017 list

Sunday 02nd April 2017
Coraggio, io ho vinto il mondo
John 16:33

01st April 2017
Thanks for the school trip, my Lord!

Records Of The Month

27th March - 31st March 2017
Barcelona trip

Sunday 26th March 2017
Quando non sapete cosa dire, pregate cosi:
Padre Nostro.

25th March 2017
The boss, Barcelona, the web and the exams:
the worst day of my school life is now on!

24th March 2017
Barcelona routes and plans

23rd March 2017

22nd March 2017
Le Rose & Palazzo Maldura:
nice memories and mediocre present.
It's not like me.

NRL General rehearsal again: better and better.

21st March 2017
Barcelona project started

NRL revision meeting made; really positive!

20th March 2017
Office 2016

Catalunya Atena, here we go!

Sunday 19th March 2017
La nostra battaglia, infatti, non e' contro la carne e il sangue,
ma contro i Principati e le Potenze.
Efesini 6:10

18th March 2017
The day I went back to calcetto; funny!

NRL Revisited to the band

17th March 2017
Scienze Umane CdCs: really good; thank you, Lord!

16th March 2017
NRL script revisited with Lucia

FCE & Kokoa

15th March 2017
The Spaggiari Report

NRL prova generale in a theatre.
Lots of fixings; still it works!

14th March 2017
The Barcelona incident solved? Let's see.

London: money, Veronica and placet.

13th March 2017
Mum's going to be transferred

London positive openings: Claudia? :)

VC CdC smooth and calm

Sunday 12th March 2017
Forse credevi che io fossi come te
Salmo 49

11th March 2017
Sorveglianza with Hanaa.

3WS Live @ Dal Rosso; va bene, dai.
I'm thinking of the general rehearsals.

10th March 2017
Web meeting; tense and dense but definitely positive.

The day of another memorable Juventus-Milan

09th March 2017
Lee Child's *Nothing To Lose* started

My leg situation and Jackie

Finally found the dates in the theatre for the real General Rehearsals!

08th March 2017
Kokoa and Wanna

NRL second general rehearsal; it just works; che bello!

Lee Child's *Bad Luck And Trouble* finished

07th March 2017
Leg and graduatorie uniche; what a mess!

06th March 2016
My songs are all in videos!
I'll put them online.

NRL project sent to the band

London's on answer machine

Sunday 05th March 2017
Offri a Dio come sacrificio la lode
Salmo 49

04th March 2017
Finalmente finita la *Settimana dello (non)-Sport*...

Prince new playlist is beautiful

03rd March 2017
Io non gradisco il sacrificio
Salmo 50

02nd March 2017
Prince marathon over; che bello!

Barcelona with guides; bene.

01st March 2017
Ash Wednesday
I mondi furono formati dalla parola di Dio,
sicché dall'invisibile ha preso origine il mondo visibile
Ebrei 11:1-7

Records Of The Month

28th February 2017
3 Way Street Live @ Spritz English:
really great!

27th February 2017
SPID done

NRL calendar made

Sunday 26th February 2017
Io non giudico neppure me stesso, perche', anche se non sono
consapevole di nessuna colpa, non per questo sono giustificato.
1 Corinzi 4:3-4
I do not even judge myself. For I am not aware of anything against myself,
but I am not thereby acquitted. It is the Lord who judges me.
1 Corinthians 4:3-4

25th February 2017
Fat Tuesday school's lovable.
Mardi Gras band's back.

24th February 2017
Back to the old line-up for NRL; thank you, Lord!

Web really ready; pics to Department

23rd February 2017
FCE; bene, direi.

Back to Kokoa

Reading Glasses

22nd February 2017
Prove for Spritz English: bene.
Prove for new line-up for the theatre: fumata nera.

21st February 2017
Giorgia pictures & web updates

ARET comes, NaReLe goes?

20th February 2017
London calls and Music silences

Sunday 19th February 2017
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Just Like So Many Times Before

18th February 2017
2U last day there

Music problems

Mum's knocking on heaven's door

17th February 2017
Cards laid in 2U, with 4B gossiping and with 3WS.

16th February 2017
London meeting; really cute.
Let's hope for the results, now!

15th February 2017
The caldaia incident

Prove generali di NaReLle: funziona, pare!

14th February 2017
Valentino valontano

Lee Child's *The Hard Way* finished.
Lee Child's *Bad Luck And Trouble* (!)
(vendetta a freddo) :-) started.

13th February 2017
Some tension on the web and for the trip.

Back to hot water

Sunday 12th February 2017
Che cosa è mai l'uomo perché di lui ti ricordi?
Salmo 8

11th February 2017
Trip complications & my doubts

MacBook Air for Cia

10th February 2017
Consiglio straordinario; straordinariamente ordinario.
Finirà in gloria?

09th February 2017
Back to school with no school
but London invitations handed out

MacBook Air's in the air

08th February 2017

London Circolare on its way; bene.
Positivity in the Teachers' Meeting; even better.

7th February 2017
The London situation
The cattedre situation

06th February 2017
Still sick.

Prove (quasi) generali.
From next time on; generali.

Sunday 05th February 2017
Cantate al Signore un canto nuovo, con arte suonate la cetra ed acclamate
Salmo 33
Sing to him a new song; play skilfully on the strings, with loud shouts
Psalm 33

04th February 2017
Temperature and home from school.
Thank you, girls.

London invitations are ready.

03rd February 2017
Così è morto Bonhoffer

02nd February 2017
Mum's Diner

01st February 2017
Records Of The Month

Prove music-only

31st January 2017
London meeting postponed.
Location to be defined.

30th January 2017
Brothers' meeting: shadows and lights.


My girls are back; bello.

Sunday 29th January 2017
La teologia della croce di Dietrich Bonhoeffer

28th Janaury 2017

27th January 2017
Barcelona trip on the move, too.

London meeting tentative date set?

It's Alright, Ma; We're Only Meeting.

26th January 2017
London 2KX7 on the go

Fce article on the school web.

25th January 2017
FCE Meeting; it's all good; my kids, my course and the ceremony.
Pictures and review online on the school web.

24th January 2017
Heater, Rosary, Substitutes and Photographers

23rd January 2017
Girls, nurses, lovers and photographers.

Sunday 22nd January 2017
Dio non esaudisce tutti i nostri desideri, ma tutte le sue promesse
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Lee Child's *The Enemy* finished.
Lee Child's *The Hard Way* started.

21st January 2017
Move on and step back.

20th January 2017
Girls just want to have fun.
Or make it teachers?

19th January 2017
Web Meeting really positive; we're going to be online!

Scrutini terminati; bene.

18th January 2017
Shelter me from the storm, please;
there's a Hard Rain I'd like to avoid.
Or let me be the Rain Man, at least.

The FCE meeting is ready

i-Tunes book 2KX7

17th January 2017
Mum's better
Cia's Sky Go
Me's waiting

16th January 2017
Oh, my girls!
Nice peeping scrutini, though.

Sunday 15th January 2017
Vorrei percepire il sole in tutta la sua forza, quando ti arde sulla pelle
ed a poco a poco infiamma tutto il corpo...
Vorrei che risvegliasse la mia esistenza animale...
Il divino non è nelle realtà assolute ma nella forma umana naturale.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

14th January 2017
FCE 2017 dates

Spritz English setlist

13th January 2017
Dylan 1966 Recordings and all new records
in i-Tunes new book

12th January 2017
Mum operated; bene

FCE 2017 dates

VC scrutinio

11th January 2017
My glasses are here with me again.

Books & Records from Amazon:
Lee Child, Young, Teenage Fanclub and Dylan.

FCE meeting fixed

10th January 2017
Spritz English contact; cute!

Mum better; we too.

09th January 2017
Back to school: bene.

Narelle @ Spritz English: great;
and Mantoan plays in English!

Sunday 08th January 2017
In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God
In principio era il Verbo,
e il Verbo era presso Dio
e il Verbo era Dio
ܒܪܫܝܬ ܐܝܬܘܗܝ ܗܘܐ ܡܠܬܐ ܘܗܘ ܡܠܬܐ
 ܐܝܬܘܗܝ ܗܘܐ ܠܘ
ܠܗܐ ܘܐܠܗܐ ܐܝܬܘܗܝ ܗܘܐ ܗܘ ܡܠܬܐ

07th January 2017
Non ti preoccupare.
Nemmeno tu, mamma.

06th January 2017
Epiphany Of The Lord

Insieme alla Pasqua, la più importante festività cristiana.
Perché Epifania significa manifestazione visibile (il Bambino) di quello che è invisibile (Dio).
Che si riesca tutti a manifestare visibilmente più gratitudine
per quello che riceviamo che pretese per quello che diamo

A tutti i miei amici, i miei studenti e i miei compagni di viaggio nella scuola e nella musica: buona Epifania!

05th January 2017
Befana to Cia.
Us to mum.

04th January 2017
i-Tunes 2MD7 updated; bello.

3WS rehearsal or I should say Narelle?
I'd say better and better.

03rd January 2017
Cuffie from Amazon: excellent!

HDs all working perfectly!
It's all saved and archived; benissimo.

Greta recupero

Mummy's serious, now; my Lord.

02nd January 2017
Records Of The Month/Year

Mummy's in hospital and we're at the movies.

Sunday 1st January 2017
Vergine Madre, figlia del tuo Figlio,
umile e alta più che creatura,
termine fisso d'etterno consiglio,
tu se' colei che l'umana natura
nobilitasti sì, che 'l suo Fattore
non disdegnò di farsi sua fattura.

Dante Alighieri, da *La Divina Commedia (Paradiso)*

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