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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl In The Hornet's Nest
The Girl In The Spider's Web
The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

Camilla Lackberg

01 Ispr Principessa The Ice Princess

02 Pred Predicatore The Preacher

03 Sten Tagliapietra The Stonecutter

04 Olyck Uccello The Stranger

05 Tysk Bambino The Hidden Child

06 Sjon Sirena The Drowning

07 Fyrv Guardiano The Lost Boy

08 Angska Segreto Buried Angels

09 Lejontam             Ice Child

10                            The Girl In The Woods

Elmore Leonard

Chuck Palahniuk


Giorgio Faletti
Io Uccido
Niente di vero tranne gli occhi
Fuori Da Un Evidente Destino
Pochi Inutili Nascondigli
Io Sono Dio
Appunti Di Un Venditore Di Donne
Tre Atti Due Tempi

Stephen King
torneo racconti 2003, 
dal NG italiano

Interventi dal NG

Dreamcatcher, the movie

Rose Red di Silence in the Studio

La Torre Nera

Colorado Kid, my review

Cell, my review


Lisey's Story

Duma Key

Just After Sunset

Under The Dome

Full Dark No Stars

Blockade Billy


The Wind Through The Keyhole


Doctor Sleep

Mr. Mercedes

Many jobless people are standing in line for a job fair when a Mercedes plows into the crowd killing 8 people and severely injuring many. Bill Hodges, a recently retired detective from the local police department living the life of a retiree, receives a letter from an individual claiming to be the person responsible for the job fair incident, referring to himself as "Mr.Mercedes". Hodges is divorced, lonely and fed up with his life, occasionally contemplating suicide. The Mr. Mercedes incident had taken place at the end of Hodges' career and was still unresolved when he retired. Mr. Mercedes knows details of the murder and also mentions Olivia Trelawney, from whom he had stolen the Mercedes. Olivia had committed suicide soon after the massacre out of guilt. Hodges is intrigued and starts to investigate the case instead of turning the letter over to his former police colleague, Pete Huntley.

Brady Hartsfield, who is revealed to be Mr. Mercedes, is an emotionally disturbed psychopath in his late twenties who lost his father at age eight. When he was a young boy, he killed his mentally handicapped brother at his mother's prompting. He now lives and has an incestuous relationship with his alcoholic mother and works in an electronics shop and as an ice cream seller. Riding in a van, this second job enables him to observe Hodges and Hodges' neighbors, among them seventeen-year-old Jerome Robinson, who does a variety of chores for Hodges.

During his research about the wealthy Olivia Trelawney, Hodges meets her sister Janey, who hires him to investigate Olivia's suicide and the stealing of the Mercedes. Shortly after Hodges begins to work for Janey, the two begin dating. Hodges finds out, with the help of bright, computer savvy Jerome, how Mr. Mercedes stole the car and then drove Olivia (whom he made contact with through his job at the electronics shop) to suicide by leaving eerie sound files on her computer that were set to go off at unpredictable intervals, which worked on her feelings of guilt. Olivia, when hearing these sounds, believed them to be the ghosts of the victims of the job fair massacre. At the funeral of Janey and Olivia's recently deceased mother, Hodges meets Janey's unpleasant relatives, among them Janey's emotionally unstable cousin Holly. After the funeral, Mr. Mercedes blows up Hodges' car, not realizing that Hodges wasn't in it. However, Janey was and she is killed in the explosion. Hodges feels remorse, but becomes even more eager to solve the case without the help of the police. Holly joins Hodges and Jerome in the investigation.

Hartsfield accidentally kills his mother with a poisoned hamburger which he had prepared for Jerome's dog. With her rotting body in their house, he plans to kill himself by blowing himself up at a giant concert for young girls by feigning the need for a wheelchair and utilizing explosives hidden inside the wheelchair. Jerome, Hodges, and Holly manage to uncover Hartsfield's real identity and search his computer hard drives. They eventually deduce that Hartsfield's target is the concert and the trio rush to the concert venue to stop him. Hodges begins to suffer from a heart attack and is unable to venture into the concert with Holly and Jerome, but urges them to press on. Holly locates Hartsfield and delivers several harsh blows to his head using Hodges's "Happy Slapper" a sock filled with ball bearings. Hartsfield is left bleeding and unconscious on the concert floor.

Hodges (who had been saved by concert staff), Holly, and Jerome have a picnic to discuss the recently transpired events. Hodges has learned that he will not be criminally charged for his actions regarding the Hartsfield investigation. They have received a medal from the city, congratulating them on their work. Hartsfield wakes up in the hospital, asking for his mother.



Finders Keeper (M2)

In 1978, petty criminal Morris Bellamy robs and murders acclaimed author John Rothstein for ending his famous Runner trilogy on an unsatisfactory note. Prior to the murder, Rothstein had been in reclusive retirement, never publishing another novel but continuing to write in private. More important than the money he steals, Morris covets Rothstein's invaluable notebooks, which contain the last two books of the Runner series. After the murder, Morris hides Rothstein's cash and Moleskine notebooks in a trunk buried near a creek behind his childhood home. Before he can read the manuscripts, Morris is sentenced to life in prison for another crime. Rothstein's murder is never solved.

In the present day, young Peter Saubers now lives in Morris's old home. His father, Tom, was disabled in the events that opened Mr. Mercedes, and the Saubers family is on the brink of financial and emotional ruin. Peter discovers the buried trunk and secretly uses the money to keep his family afloat for the next few years, while gradually becoming engrossed in the Rothstein notebooks. When the money runs out, Pete, now a teenager aware of the true value of his discovery, comes up with a plan to profit from the notebooks. At the same time, Morris, now nearly sixty, has finally been granted parole. He goes to retrieve the buried trunk, only to find it empty. Morris is obsessed with finding the notebooks and learning the ultimate outcome of the Runner series. His search for the notebooks eventually leads him to Peter's family.

As a deadly cat-and-mouse game begins, private detective Bill Hodges, the man who brought down the murderous Mr. Mercedes, is gradually drawn into the mystery of the unknown benefactor who helped the Sauberses through their rough patch. He knows young Pete is hiding something, but he doesn't know that the missing piece of the puzzle is the answer to the decades-old cold case  John Rothstein's murder.


The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams

End Of Watch (M3)
Retired detective Bill Hodges, who now with his sidekick Holly runs the private investigation agency Finders Keepers, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Given only months to live, he finds himself drawn into a recent spree of suicides. All the dead are connected by a common thread: each of them have in the past been in contact with Brady Hartsfield, the notorious Mr. Mercedes who, six years ago, plotted to blow up a rock concert venue packed with teenagers. Hodges and Holly thwarted Brady's plans and left the killer in a vegetative state from which he never regained consciousness. However, many of the staff in the hospital where Brady now resides believe that he is recovering at an impossible rate, and that he may be faking his injuries to avoid trial ... except that everyone who gets too close to proving this suspicion seems to disappear.
After his head injury, Brady found himself gaining new abilities, including the power to move small objects with his mind and the ability to enter the bodies of certain people susceptible to his mental domination. Still confined to his hospital bed, Brady has used his power to finish his murderous work by creating a hypnotic video game app that heightens the user's susceptibility. Once the users are in Brady's control, he will use the app to dominate their minds and persuade them to commit suicide. The targets are the very teenagers who escaped death when Brady's plan to destroy the concert venue failed. Brady's ultimate goal, however, is to lure Hodges into the game and exact revenge. Brady uses the bodies of both a corrupt neurosurgeon and a hospital librarian as puppets and red herrings to do his dirty work and to misdirect the police while he makes his final move to destroy Hodges, all the while unaware that Hodges is already racing the clock against his own death.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes
reviews in English:

1 Crouch End   
2 Battleground
3 Umney's Last Case
4 The End Of The Whole Mess
5 The Road Virus Heads North
6 The Fifth Quarter
7 Autopsy Room 4
8 You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band


reviews in Italian:

1 Crouch End   
2 Campo di Battaglia  

3 L'ultimo caso di Umney
4 La fine di tutto il casino
5 Il Virus della Strada Va a Nord
6 Il Quinto Quarto
7 Autopsia Stanza 4
8 Ed Hanno Una Band Dell'Altro Mondo

Kingdom Hospital


Under The Dome



TV Series



1st season :  Palmer's attempt.

                   Kim kidnapped; Nina Myers.

2nd season:  Terrorist bomb

                      Kate/Maria family; Nina used to rescue them.
                      Palmer is empeached by Novak
                      The bomb is detonated by George Mason.
                      A girl infects Palmer's hand in the last scene.
                      She'll be with Marwan in S4

3rd season    The Salazar/Amador/Saunders viels episode.

                      Jack kills Nina; Kim and Chase leave.
                      Chapelle & Gaele sacrifices.
                      Toni sells CTU for Michelle

4th season      The Araz family & Marwan.
                       Haller & Audrey

5th season       The nerv gas & the Charles Logan conspiracy                    

                       Bauer resurrects from presumed death
                       Toni, Michelle, Palmer, Edgar  killed.

6th season      Wayne Palmer is president; Bauer recalled from China.
                       The plot Charles Logan-Philippe Bauer


7th Season     The Mobutu blitz in Sangala
                        CTU shut down; Bauer back from Africa works with
                        Bill, Toni and Chloe undercover.
                        Allison Taylor vs. Starkwood

8th Season     CTU bigger in NY
                       Uranium, Hassad and the Russians
                       Logan with Allison Taylor vs. Ethan

9th Season (Another Day)


The Killing




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Black Mirror

In Treatment

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