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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl In The Hornet's Nest
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Lee Child

The Killing Floor
Margrave is in the hands of counterfeiters (who killed Jack Reacher's borther) who give billions to everyone in exchange of silence.
Jack is incarcerated and attacked but he gets out and catches them teaming with Roscoe & Hubble, respectively girlmate and jailmate.

Die Trying
York, Montana is controlled by a gang of violent indipendentists guided by Borken who kidnap Holly Johnson and Jack Reacher to level with the USA government.
Reacher and his team discover he wants to blow up San Francisco too and they close up on them.
Holly marries McGrath, FBI officer.

Victor Hobie's story: helicopter pilot who is killed in a crash and whose identity is taken over by Carl Allen, criminal, who had a severed hand (now a hook) and who kills and tortures people to steal patrimonies and avoid being traced.
Leon Garber (Jack's master) and Jody (her daughter) send for Garber to help Hobie's parents to find out where he is.
Leon dies before finding Jack but he and Jody trace Hook Hobie and in the end Jack, though shot, kills him.

The Visitor
Jack beats some mafia thugs in a bar only to find the FBI accuses him of murdering two women who were in the Army.
He discovers they knew it wasn't him but they wanted his help to find out the killer.
He's supported by Blake, Lamarr and Harper.
After the death of Lamarr's sister, Alison, Reacher discovers that the serial killer is none but Julia Lamarr, who seeked revenge on the *better* sister; she hypnotizes the women and obliges them to drown in a tub full of green paint.
Reacher kills her right in time to avoid her killing another victim.
Jodie Garber leaves for London and Reacher doesn't go with her.

Echo Burning
Jack Reacher meets Carmen Greer, mexican woman, while hitchhiking; she wants him to kill her husband, Sloop Greer, who beats her.
In the development of the story, it seems Carmen is a cheater but in the end she's found to be was totally sincere while Sloop, together with his childhood friends Hack Walker and Al Eugene, is discovered to have killed dozens of mexicans.
Walker, now in politics, had hired killers to kill Eugene and Sloop, in order to shut them up about his past.
When they kill Sloop they pretend it was Carmen as a revenge for beating her; but in the end Reacher uncovers the plot, Walker is killed and Carmen is released.

Without Fail
The story of Brook Armstrong, vice-president of the US, who has to be protected by Froelich and Stuyvesant, his agents.
They send for Reacher - as Froelich was Joe Reacher's girlfriend - to see if Armstrong is protected.
They discover not only is he not, but there's a plot going on against him; someone sends messages to threaten him.
In the long run, Reacher and the team discovers it's two kids who were molested and humiliated by his father while he was watching, as a kid; they just wanted revenge.
They kill Froelich but they can't get to Armstrong; Reacher and Neagley, his assistant, pursue them in the snow and kill them.

Jack Reacher and his mates fake Richard Beck's kidnapping just to save him and make him get into Beck's house.
Reacher wanted to infiltrate to understand why Richard's father, Zacharia Beck, is in contact with Xavier Quinn, a sadist killer who butchered Dominique Kohl, Reacher's friend, ten years before and whom he thought ha had killed.
He has to do lots of double games, including killing Beck's men and swimming the other side of the house to dump them away or kill the bodyguard Paulie in a street fight.
In the end, he discovers that Quinn is Beck's boss and manages to kill him with a scalpel like the one he used to kill Dominique Kohl.

The Enemy
General Kramer dies of a heart stroke in a motel room. There was no prostitute with him, though and Willard and the whole Army tries to stop Reacher's investigation.
Then they find 2 more soldiers brutally killed; Carbone and Brubaker.
Reacher discovers Kramer was with a man (Carbone) and when he escaped with Kramer's agenda (killing people to avoid cuts in the Army after the crush of the Berlin Wall), Vassall and Coomer were in charge of killing him brutally because of his being gay and then killing Brubaker, too, who was on his turn Carbone's lover.
Reacher, with the help of Lieutanent Summer, a black woman, succeeds in arresting them, together with Marshall, the real killer.
Finally he brutally kills the weak Willard, who was the man who had received the order of killing people and, when he buries his mother who died in Paris, he leaves Fort Bird and the Army.

One Shot

The Hard Way
The gory story of the 3 sisters.
Edward Lane, together with his squadron formed by Gregory, Groom, Addison, Perez, Kowalski and Burke leaves behind in Africa 3 companions: Hobart and Knight. Hobart is horribly mutilated by local militians but survives, helped by his sister Dee Marie Graziano.
He makes Knight kill his wife Anne Lane out of jealousy and pretends she was kidnapped.
Her sister, Patti Joseph, helped by Lauren Pauling, investigator, knows all and tries to rescue Kate, Lane's new wife, who's harrassed by Lane.
So Patti stages a kidnap of Kate and Jade, her daughter, together with Taylor, an englishman who flees with them to Grange Farm, England.
Jack Reacher first partners with Lane to discover who kidnapped Kate but when he realizes they've been released and not kidnapped, he rushes to England where Lane was going to kill them and first put 3 of them out of combat and finally kills Lane and his accessories.

Bad Luck And Trouble
*You do not mess with the Special Investigators*; the motto of Reacher's friends which is the basis of this drama; Calvin Franz, and then Swan, Orozco and Sanchez, Reacher's mates in the army, have been killed thrown out by an helicopter in the desert.
Neagley, his old friend, summons him to understand what's happening; later Karla Dixon and O'Donnel join them.
They think they've been called by them, but they discover the plot was guided by a Mahmoud, a terrorist who sold missiles in the US using New Age as a basis; in New Age Reacher's friends worked and, once discovered the plot, they were killed one by one.
When the remained four discover the plot, they kill Curtis Mauney, corrupted cop who is head of the plot and Lamaison, the actual killer, throwing them out of the same helicopter they used to kill his friends.

Nothing To Lose
Reacher crosses the towns of Hope and Despair. In Despair is thrown out, so obviously he doesn't comply and comes back.
He finds one soldier dead trying to escape town and all citizens are defending and protecting something, but at the same time dying because of it.
With a very long - and quite boring - inquiry made of assaults, night incursions and much more made with the help of policewoman Vaughan whose husband is in a vegetative state because of Iraq, he discovers that Despair is a town in which they recycle human remnants coming from Iraq war using diserters who are compelled to comply; 2 of them are boyfriend of girls he met in a pub in Hope when trying to discover the truth.
In the end, he discovers that with the help of a crazy integralist, Jerry Thurman, they are also working with depleted uranium, which is the reason why all young soldiers get sick and thatThurman is building a dirty bomb which he meant to denotate somewhere.
Reacher anticipates him and deploys the bomb in Despair destroying the whole uranium plant.


Camilla Lackberg

01 Ispr Principessa The Ice Princess

02 Pred Predicatore The Preacher

03 Sten Tagliapietra The Stonecutter

04 Olyck Uccello The Stranger

05 Tysk Bambino The Hidden Child

06 Sjon Sirena The Drowning

07 Fyrv Guardiano The Lost Boy

08 Angska Segreto Buried Angels

09 Lejontam             Ice Child



Elmore Leonard

Chuck Palahniuk


Giorgio Faletti
Io Uccido
Niente di vero tranne gli occhi
Fuori Da Un Evidente Destino
Pochi Inutili Nascondigli
Io Sono Dio
Appunti Di Un Venditore Di Donne
Tre Atti Due Tempi

Stephen King

torneo racconti 2003, 
dal NG italiano

Interventi dal NG

Dreamcatcher, the movie

Rose Red di Silence in the Studio

La Torre Nera

Colorado Kid, my review

Cell, my review


Lisey's Story

Duma Key

Just After Sunset

Under The Dome

Full Dark No Stars

Blockade Billy


The Wind Through The Keyhole


Doctor Sleep

Mr. Mercedes


Finders Keeper (M2)

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams

End Of Watch (M3)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes
reviews in English:

1 Crouch End   
2 Battleground
3 Umney's Last Case
4 The End Of The Whole Mess
5 The Road Virus Heads North
6 The Fifth Quarter
7 Autopsy Room 4
8 You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band


reviews in Italian:

1 Crouch End   
2 Campo di Battaglia  

3 L'ultimo caso di Umney
4 La fine di tutto il casino
5 Il Virus della Strada Va a Nord
6 Il Quinto Quarto
7 Autopsia Stanza 4
8 Ed Hanno Una Band Dell'Altro Mondo

Kingdom Hospital


Under The Dome

TV Series



1st season :  Palmer's attempt.

                   Kim kidnapped; Nina Myers.

2nd season:  Terrorist bomb

                      Kate/Maria family; Nina used to rescue them.
                      Palmer is empeached by Novak
                      The bomb is detonated by George Mason.
                      A girl infects Palmer's hand in the last scene.
                      She'll be with Marwan in S4

3rd season    The Salazar/Amador/Saunders viels episode.

                      Jack kills Nina; Kim and Chase leave.
                      Chapelle & Gaele sacrifices.
                      Toni sells CTU for Michelle

4th season      The Araz family & Marwan.
                       Haller & Audrey

5th season       The nerv gas & the Charles Logan conspiracy                    

                       Bauer resurrects from presumed death
                       Toni, Michelle, Palmer, Edgar  killed.

6th season      Wayne Palmer is president; Bauer recalled from China.
                       The plot Charles Logan-Philippe Bauer


7th Season     The Mobutu blitz in Sangala
                        CTU shut down; Bauer back from Africa works with
                        Bill, Toni and Chloe undercover.
                        Allison Taylor vs. Starkwood

8th Season     CTU bigger in NY
                       Uranium, Hassad and the Russians
                       Logan with Allison Taylor vs. Ethan

9th Season (Another Day)


The Killing




The Following

Black Mirror

In Treatment

Twilight Zone

The Leftovers





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