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Lee Child

The Killing Floor
Jack Reacher gets off a Greyhound bus in the town of Margrave, Georgia, because he remembers his brother Joe mentioning that a blues musician named Blind Blake died there. Much to his surprise, shortly after his arrival, he is arrested in a local diner for murder. He then meets a local detective called Finlay, and tries to prove his innocence. After finding what seems to be a phone number in the dead man's shoe, Finlay calls and tricks a man into telling him his name, Mr. Hubble. They bring Hubble (as he likes to be called) into the police station for questioning and he soon cracks and confesses to the murder, but Reacher does not believe the confession. Both Reacher and Hubble are sent to the state prison, where Reacher successfully fends off an attempt on his life which, he later discovers was actually intended for Hubble. After two days in jail, Roscoe a female police officer for whom Reacher has developed an attraction, proves he is innocent and that his claim to have been nowhere near the scene of the murder is true; Roscoe collects Reacher and they return to Margrave, where Reacher later discovers that the murder victim is his own brother. Hubble disappears, apparently assassinated, and his desperate, uninformed wife wants Reacher to find him. Chief Morrison and his wife are later found, brutally murdered, in their home. In the finale Reacher discovers that Margrave, is home to a multibillion-dollar counterfeiting operation, whose accessories killed Joe Reacher, Jack Reacher's brother and who give billions to everyone in exchange of silence.
Reacher and his newly formed 
acquaintances manage to destroy it.

*The glasses incident*

Die Trying
York, Montana is controlled by a gang of violent indipendentists guided by Borken who kidnap Holly Johnson and Jack Reacher to level with the USA government.
Reacher and his team discover he wants to blow up San Francisco too and they close up on them.
Holly marries McGrath, FBI officer.

*The narrow tunnel*

Victor Hobie's story: helicopter pilot who is killed in a crash and whose identity is taken over by Carl Allen, criminal, who had a severed hand (now a hook) and who kills and tortures people to steal patrimonies and avoid being traced.
Leon Garber (Jack's master) and Jody (her daughter) send for Garber to help Hobie's parents to find out where he is.
Leon dies before finding Jack but he and Jody trace Hook Hobie and in the end Jack, though shot, kills him.

*Jack shot in the head and almost dying*

The Visitor
Jack beats some mafia thugs in a bar only to find the FBI accuses him of murdering two women who were in the Army.
He discovers they knew it wasn't him but they wanted his help to find out the killer.
He's supported by Blake, Lamarr and Harper.
After the death of Lamarr's sister, Alison, Reacher discovers that the serial killer is none but Julia Lamarr, who seeked revenge on the *better* sister; she hypnotizes the women and obliges them to drown in a tub full of green paint.
Reacher kills her right in time to avoid her killing another victim.
Jodie Garber leaves for London and Reacher doesn't go with her.

*Lamarr's look at the interview*

Echo Burning
Jack Reacher meets Carmen Greer, mexican woman, while hitchhiking; she wants him to kill her husband, Sloop Greer, who beats her.
In the development of the story, it seems Carmen is a cheater but in the end she's found to be was totally sincere while Sloop, together with his childhood friends Hack Walker and Al Eugene, is discovered to have killed dozens of mexicans.
Walker, now in politics, had hired killers to kill Eugene and Sloop, in order to shut them up about his past.
When they kill Sloop they pretend it was Carmen as a revenge for beating her; but in the end Reacher uncovers the plot, Walker is killed and Carmen is released.

*Carmen's search*

Without Fail
The story of Brook Armstrong, vice-president of the US, who has to be protected by Froelich and Stuyvesant, his agents.
They send for Reacher - as Froelich was Joe Reacher's girlfriend - to see if Armstrong is protected.
They discover not only is he not, but there's a plot going on against him; someone sends messages to threaten him.
In the long run, Reacher and the team discovers it's two kids who were molested and humiliated by his father while he was watching, as a kid; they just wanted revenge.
They kill Froelich but they can't get to Armstrong; Reacher and Neagley, his assistant, pursue them in the snow and kill them.

Jack Reacher and his mates fake Richard Beck's kidnapping just to save him and make him get into Beck's house.
Reacher wanted to infiltrate to understand why Richard's father, Zacharia Beck, is in contact with Xavier Quinn, a sadist killer who butchered Dominique Kohl, Reacher's friend, ten years before and whom he thought ha had killed.
He has to do lots of double games, including killing Beck's men and swimming the other side of the house to dump them away or kill the bodyguard Paulie in a street fight.
In the end, he discovers that Quinn is Beck's boss and manages to kill him with a scalpel like the one he used to kill Dominique Kohl.

*I'm in!*
*The frozen swim*
*The fight with Paulie*

The Enemy
General Kramer dies of a heart stroke in a motel room. There was no prostitute with him, though and Willard and the whole Army tries to stop Reacher's investigation.
Then they find 2 more soldiers brutally killed; Carbone and Brubaker.
Reacher discovers Kramer was with a man (Carbone) and when he escaped with Kramer's agenda (killing people to avoid cuts in the Army after the crush of the Berlin Wall), Vassall and Coomer were in charge of killing him brutally because of his being gay and then killing Brubaker, too, who was on his turn Carbone's lover.
Reacher, with the help of Lieutanent Summer, a black woman, succeeds in arresting them, together with Marshall, the real killer.
Finally he brutally kills the weak Willard, who was the man who had received the order of killing people and, when he buries his mother who died in Paris, he leaves Fort Bird and the Army.

One Shot

The Hard Way
The gory story of the 3 sisters.
Edward Lane, together with his squadron formed by Gregory, Groom, Addison, Perez, Kowalski and Burke leaves behind in Africa 3 companions: Hobart and Knight. Hobart is horribly mutilated by local militians but survives, helped by his sister Dee Marie Graziano.
He makes Knight kill his wife Anne Lane out of jealousy and pretends she was kidnapped.
Her sister, Patti Joseph, helped by Lauren Pauling, investigator, knows all and tries to rescue Kate, Lane's new wife, who's harrassed by Lane.
So Patti stages a kidnap of Kate and Jade, her daughter, together with Taylor, an englishman who flees with them to Grange Farm, England.
Jack Reacher first partners with Lane to discover who kidnapped Kate but when he realizes they've been released and not kidnapped, he rushes to England where Lane was going to kill them and first put 3 of them out of combat and finally kills Lane and his accessories.

*chop, chop, chop*

Bad Luck And Trouble
*You do not mess with the Special Investigators*; the motto of Reacher's friends which is the basis of this drama; Calvin Franz, and then Swan, Orozco and Sanchez, Reacher's mates in the army, have been killed thrown out by an helicopter in the desert.
Neagley, his old friend, summons him to understand what's happening; later Karla Dixon and O'Donnel join them.
They think they've been called by them, but they discover the plot was guided by a Mahmoud, a terrorist who sold missiles in the US using New Age as a basis; in New Age Reacher's friends worked and, once discovered the plot, they were killed one by one.
When the remained four discover the plot, they kill Curtis Mauney, corrupted cop who is head of the plot and Lamaison, the actual killer, throwing them out of the same helicopter they used to kill his friends.

*how Jack skips the street shooting hearing noises behind him*

Nothing To Lose
Reacher crosses the towns of Hope and Despair. In Despair is thrown out, so obviously he doesn't comply and comes back.
He finds one soldier dead trying to escape town and all citizens are defending and protecting something, but at the same time dying because of it.
With a very long - and quite boring - inquiry made of assaults, night incursions and much more made with the help of policewoman Vaughan whose husband is in a vegetative state because of Iraq, he discovers that Despair is a town in which they recycle human remnants coming from Iraq war using diserters who are compelled to comply; 2 of them are boyfriend of girls he met in a pub in Hope when trying to discover the truth.
In the end, he discovers that with the help of a crazy integralist, Jerry Thurman, they are also working with depleted uranium, which is the reason why all young soldiers get sick and thatThurman is building a dirty bomb which he meant to denotate somewhere.
Reacher anticipates him and deploys the bomb in Despair destroying the whole uranium plant.

*the bars and the strangers*

Gone Tomorrow
Jack Reacher meets a woman - Susan Marks - in the subway who answers perfectly to the ten questions about bombers the FBI has spread after 09.11.
He tries to stop the woman but she actually kills herself and she didn't have any bomb.
Reacher feels guilty and so he starts inquiring what's behind the incident.
With the help of agent Theresa Lee and Susan's husband, he discovers there's a big politician, John Sansom, behind it.
He was in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden and had ordered the FBI and namely Susan Mark, who worked for them, to delete a compromising picture of him; but his picture was in the hands of some terrorists disguised as foreign americans, some Lila Hoth and her mother Svetlana, who had already massacred people among whom Peter Molina - Susan's adopted son - too.
Reacher discovers that they are simple terrorists belonging to Al Qaeda, not mother and daughter, and that Susan was sent the video of his son's slaying so, in disgust, she had thrown away the file and decided to kill herself; when Jack catches them in a hotel, he kills them both with a knife.

*the subway incident*
*how Jack steals Leonid's phone*
*subway train surfing*

61 Hours
Set in the town of Bolton, South Dakota, Reacher begins his latest adventure on a wrecked senior citizen tour bus after a near-miss with another motorist leaves the bus spinning on the icy road and trapped in a snowy bank. Immersed in a frozen landscape, Reacher works with local law enforcement to help the fragile victims.
Hours later, Reacher learns Bolton is not like most towns. Beside its freezing, snowy climate, the town plays host to one of the largest prisons in the US, making the town and its law enforcement subject to the needs and demands of the gigantic correctional facility. At the same time, a band of outlaw bikers, settled outside the town, are on edge after their leader is arrested on drug charges. As the biker awaits trial, the top priority then becomes protecting Janet Salter, the only voluntary, reliable witness to the biker's drug transaction, and Reacher agrees to aid local law enforcement in keeping her alive.
The criminal mastermind from Mexico is nicknamed Plato. He dispatches an anonymous assassin to Bolton who murders anyone he suspects of knowing anything and whose ultimate target is Janet Salter. Reacher enlists the help of one of his successors, Major Susan Turner, the current leader of the elite 110th Special Investigations Unit (Reacher's old command).
Reacher receives information about the prison being a former orphanotrophy; this is not convincing and so, with the help of the local policemen who had recruited him to guarantee Janet Salter's security, he searches the building until he finds an underground structure, which was actually built as a refugee for children, but had eventually been used by the Defense to hide a huge amount of Meth recovered by the Army after the end of the War; Plato had known about it and had been using his own private forces to steal it. Reacher finds out that the only possible accessory Plato had used to take away stuff from the Bolton Prison could be nobody but Major Hollande, the chief of the local cops. So he kills him and contacts Plato pretending to be him; Plato falls into the trap, goes with Reacher-Hollande into the underground building and he's killed there. In the meantime, some of Plato's men had decided to take revenge on him and flood the structure with kerosene, blowin it out. When the story ends, we come to know that in the underground structure there were lots of diamonds, too, which the Department of Defense kept hidden there not to raise a scandal. Reacher manages to escape the building and the real story of the hidden plac
e is told backward.

*the meth bunker discovered*

Worth Dying For
Reacher stops at a pub in Nebraska where he learns a woman has been hurt and the village doctor is too drunk to visit her; so he decides to take the doctor there himself.
He learns the victim, Eleanor Duncan, is beaten by her husband, Seth; out of a simple feeling of rough justice to be made, he looks for him unitl he finds him and punches his nose.
But when he goes back to the motel where he was staying, he finds Vincent, the host, has been ordered to make Reacher leave the place.
Reacher pretends to leave in order to not put Vincent in danger but in the dead of the night comes back unseen to his motel to spend the night there before leaving.
But in the morning is woken up by Dorothy Coe, who works for Vincent.
Not only is she not afraid of finding a man in a room which was supposed to be empty, but she tells him she knows the whole story.

The Duncans are a real mafia gang, in the place; they run everything on their own terms, they're violent towards those who simply disagree and, to boot, she had a child who disappeared decades ago, Margaret Coe, who was supposed to have gone to the Duncans' property; but they had always been found innocent of the murder.
So Reacher decides to find out the whole truth.
He discovers the Duncans are a weird family made up of the 3 brothers, one of which is Seth's father; they are arranging some weird and obviously illicit traffic from outside.
Reacher manages to discover the plot; the Duncans are imvolved in children trafficking and are child molesters.
Years ago they had killed, sold for prostitution and raped not only Margaret Coe, but hundreds of children coming to their property from Vietnam and controlled by a cartel guided by an Arab who used italian mafia guys, Cassano and Mancini who, on their turn, provided the Duncans with protection.
Reacher manages to beat and neutralize, one by one, all the bodyguards - football players, actually - the Duncans used and then, in a final confrontation, he kills the whole Duncan family with the help of Vincent and Eleanor Coe, who's advised by Reacher not to go into the barn to see Margaret's bones to avoid seeing the bodies of the murdered children who are still there in a macabre display.
They both away from there; Reacher is heading to Virginia to try to meet Susan Turner, the woman who works where Reacher worked when he was in the Army, helped him in *61 Hours* and whose voice is particularly fascinating for him.

*the description of the molested children cave*

The Affair
March 1997. Six months before the events of Killing Floor. Jack Reacher is still in the Army. And there's big trouble at Carter's Crossing, a small town in Mississippi where a soldier's girlfriend is found with her throat cut from ear to ear. Local trouble? Or is the killer from nearby Fort Kelham, a giant base used by elite Army Rangers?
Reacher's orders are: go undercover, keep your distance, monitor the investigation, and then vanish. But he finds it difficult to follow these instructions to the letter. Finding unexpected layers to the case, Reacher works to uncover the truth, while others try to bury it forever. The conspiracy threatens to shatter his faith in his mission—and turn him into a man to be feared.
There are heavy political considerations at stake. Captain Reed Riley, who commands one of the Ranger units based at Kelham, is the son of Senator Carlton Riley. The Senator chairs the key Armed Services Committee and has a considerable influence on the impending cuts in military spending and on which of the Armed Services would bear the heaviest burden. Having a combat officer for a son is worth a million votes to the Senator—more, should his son distinguish himself and earn a medal—and powerful forces within the United States Army have taken up the Senator's political interests as their own. They would use any means, fair or especially foul, to prevent any revelation impugning the reputation of the company commanded by Reed Riley. Accordingly, the relentless efforts at a cover-up soon result in even more dead bodies accumulating. Should Reacher find "undesirable" evidence and fail to immediately dispose of it, he might expect to be cashiered or imprisoned; or get killed himself.
Then there's the local sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux. Can Reacher trust her (and should he?) and work together with her? He is, in fact, specifically warned to stay away from her, even by his few genuine friends in the army. Still, his more than professional interest is aroused, not only because she is extremely attractive, but also because she turns out to have served sixteen years in the Marines, in a speciality very similar to his. The two of them are, in many ways, kindred souls. Which does not stop Reacher from suspecting that she might have very dark secrets to hide.
Conflicting racial aspects to the case only serve to muddy the waters further. Eventually, the Army's official investigation produces a cast-iron prime suspect, and so does Reacher's undercover snooping. But Reacher's answer is not the same as the Army's. If he keeps quiet, will he be able to live with himself? And if he speaks out, will the army be able to live with him? Only time will tell.
And it soon does.
The name given him by the Department is that of Elizabeth Deveraux; still he inquires further, not believing a woman can have carried the bodies of Janice May Chapman, the woman who was butchered adn dumped in an alley; so he discovers she had been framed by the Rileys themselves; Reed Riley - the senator's son- had been together with all the three women killed in town and when he had found out they were pregnant, he had killed them all.
Reacher kills the Senator Riley and his son Reed Riley and then dumps them into their car and on the railroad tracks, in order to let them be killed by a train, to avoid a scandal blow up those from the Army who had accused Elizabeth Deveraux of the murder to cover the high charges.
The accident version is accepted by the Department and Reacher walks away from the Army and starts his solitary life which, some few months later, will bring him to the events described in *The Killing Floor*.

A Wanted Man
The novel opens with Jack Reacher, whose nose is broken from his last adventure (Worth Dying For), trying to get a ride out of Nebraska, hitch-hiking in the middle of the night, without any car stopping for him. Only after an hour and a half of waiting, two men and a woman let him climb in and even drive some part of the way. They introduce themselves as Donald McQueen, Alan King, and Karen Delfuenso. Reacher notices that the car's occupants tell him lies and that the woman is very nervous. They insist he drives for a while as they rest and take shifts at driving. McQueen and King sleep, though Karen does not. They pass two roadblocks where the highway police searches for some wanted fugitives in tuxedos who killed a man and took off in a Mazda. The car is found with fingerprints; it is then believed by FBI agent Julia Sorenson and Sheriff Victor Goodman that after the murders the men went to a park, where they kidnapped a cocktail waitress (Delfuenso) and stole her car, an Impala.

Karen repeatedly blinks, giving Reacher coded messages—which he manages to decode—and learns that the two men in the car are the wanted people the police are looking for and that Karen has been taken as hostage. Sorenson and Goodman's theory is proven correct after they visit a gas station called "All day, all night" and they examine the cameras facing across the street. After a visit at another gas station Reacher buys coffee for the group, but before doing so uses the store's phone to alert the cops. Sorenson, the closest to the area, drives over, but by then the group have left. McQueen becomes suspicious, and tells Reacher to use his bank card (which is a fraud) to rent rooms for the night. When doing so, he is attacked by McQueen, who fires his gun, and misses. McQueen, King, and Karen flee.

Reacher is apprehended by Sorenson, whose boss wants Reacher arrested. Sorenson is about to do so, but instead talks to Reacher and discovers a barn a few miles down. Going to the location, they find a car on fire with an unidentified body in it. They assume it is the body of Karen Delfuenso. Afterwards, Reacher requests Sorenson drop him off a mile away from the building she works at. However, Sorenson is told by Goodman that Lucy Delfuenso, Karen's daughter, has been kidnapped. Goodman explains he had told Lucy her mother was missing (she was at her friend's/neighbor's house), and suggested Lucy's friend's mother stay home. Lucy's friend's mother went to work, leaving the children home alone, and Lucy is kidnapped. They also later learn the two men have shot a third person and that some terrorist threat against the United States might be involved. Together they try to solve the case and catch the fugitives.

Karen has not been killed as expected, but reveals herself as an undercover agent with the FBI, and reveals that the body in the car was King. The other fugitive, McQueen, is also an undercover special agent with the FBI who tried to infiltrate some terrorist group who has threatened to pollute a huge drinking water aquifer with nuclear waste. Reacher, Lucy, Sorenson, Karen, and the eyewitness from the beginning of the novel have all ended up in some sort of witness-protection motel. Sorenson, Karen, and Reacher escape the motel. They are eventually able to locate the terrorists' hiding place, a huge ex-army bunker. Sorenson is shot by a sniper, "Headshot". Despite Karen's protests, Reacher enters and kills the gang one by one, in retaliation for Sorenson.

He comes upon Peter King, Alan King's older brother, who wants revenge for his brother's death. McQueen might have been killed otherwise if he had not lied and said Reacher killed Alan. Reacher plays a sort of game with Peter, but before actually beginning shoots Peter, killing him. Trying to escape, McQueen and Reacher are rescued by Karen. Ironically, the terrorist threat turns out to be a hoax because the group only claims to possess damaging material. In reality, there only exist some empty trailers from the time of the cold war that have been forgotten in some bunker, but never been used for nuclear material; they were used - instead - as an illegal bank for terrorists' money. They Karen drives off as Reacher explains to McQueen the answer to a question Reacher had asked Alan King earlier in the book: "Can you talk for a minute without using the letter A?". The answer is you can do it by counting onward from one to ninety-one.

*the three guys in the car giving him a lift*
*this is my car & speaking with blinking*

Never Go Back

Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light. The bullet was American. The distance between the gunman and the target was exceptional. How many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott—an American marksman gone bad—is one of them. And after fifteen years in prison, he’s out, unaccounted for, and likely drawing a bead on a G8 summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassin. 
If anyone can stop Kott, it’s the man who beat him before: Reacher. And though he’d rather work alone, Reacher is teamed with Casey Nice, a rookie analyst who keeps her cool with Zoloft. But they’re facing a rough road, full of ruthless mobsters, Serbian thugs, close calls, double-crosses—and no backup if they’re caught. All the while Reacher can’t stop thinking about Elizabeth Deveraux, the woman he once failed to save and swears it won't happen this time.
General Tom O'Day sends him undercover to Paris to discover who's behind the murder attempt; in order to find the culprit and, above all, to save the oncoming G8 meeting which is going to be held in London.
Reacher finds out that the dangerous gang using snipers - among whom there's Kott, arguably - has actually got a base in London, namely in Chigwill, where Charlie White, an old man helped by a notorious gang called the *Romford Boys*, runs a bunch of gangsters who make business with serbians and now are threatening to aim higher at the G8.
Reacher, together with Casey Nice, manages to approach White's general quarters, where a giant who goes by the name of Jospeh (Little Joey) Green, defends the castle.
But Reacher confronts and kills Joey, enters the house and kills Kott, too; then he comes back to the States to meet O'Day, the general who proposed the mission to him; but not to thank him, but to frame him.
Kott, White and Green were criminals, but they were not threatening the G8; O'Day wanted Kott simply to become more powerful politically; and he had sold Reacher to him in advance; whether the winner would be Kott or Reacher, he might have pretended to have saved the world.
Reacher leaves him alone, but orders him not to say a word or he would raise a scandal and waste him; and a short time after the story he reads that O'Day has killed himself; but Reacher has already left town.

*how long ago did you put the sniper in prison?*
*the sniper shooting close to Reacher*
*Reacher and Nice calling a minicab in Ealing*

the final confrontation/revelation with O'Day*

Make Me
Somewhere in the sprawling, flat, desolate Midwestern United States, a man named Keever is killed and buried beneath a pig sty in an isolated farm. Reacher arrives by train at a small town named Mother's Rest, curious as to the story behind the name. He meets a Chinese American woman named Chang who is apparently searching for a lost associate. Thinking that the town may have once been a young mother's delivery site or perhaps the final resting place of an old woman, Reacher wanders the town asking the locals about the name, but he does not learn anything. He decides to befriend Chang, who reveals she is an ex-FBI agent turned private investigatorwho is looking for her colleague; Keever. Reacher's suspicions are aroused by the aloofness of the locals and he decides to stay in the town to help with Chang's investigations.
Chang explains that she was only recently called in by Keever and does not know the identity of his client or any of the details of his case. Searching Keever's motel room, Reacher finds a crumpled up note with the name "Maloney" and a phone number. It belongs to a journalist from Los Angeles named Westwood who is the Science Editor and handles calls from conspiracy theorists, which he eventually blocks after numerous calls. He turns out to be a dead end. Reacher and Chang then turn their search to Maloney, believing him to be Keever's contact and a resident of Mother's Rest. As they investigate the town, they are confronted by hostile locals whom Reacher quickly defeats while stealing their handguns.
Reacher and Chang then visit Keever's home, finding it to be ransacked with all of the man's investigative notes missing. Reacher becomes convinced that Keever had stumbled onto something big and been killed for it, and the two decide to go to Los Angeles to meet with Westwood. Convincing the journalist that Keever had been onto something newsorthy, they agree to give Westwood exclusive rights to the story in exchange for his help. Westwood reluctantly agrees and gives Reacher the phone numbers of unknown people who had recently called him and been blocked, thus fitting the profile of Keever's mystery client. They learn that their man Maloney is actually a Chicago resident named Peter McCann.
Arriving at McCann's home, they find he has gone missing. They are then attacked by a hitman named Hackett, who is narrowly incapacitated by Reacher after sustaining moderate injuries. The two then question McCann's neighbor and learn that Peter had a sister. At her home in Phoenix, they are attacked by even more hired assassins. With the help of Chang's FBI contacts, they learn the men are all employed by a Ukrainian crime lord named Merchenko. Reacher deduces that Merchenko is either the mastermind or outside security in the mastermind's employ. The puppet master is apparently someone indigenous to the town of Mother's Rest. By an amazing coincidence, Reacher and Chang happen across Merchenko outside of his club. Reacher righteously executes the criminal in broad daylight.
Traveling back to Los Angeles, Reacher and Chang reunite with Westwood. Going over all that they learned from McCann's sister and neighbor, Reacher posits that Peter was investigating the disappearance of his son, Michael. Michael had suffered from anhedonia and was a recluse who spent the majority of his time on the Internet. As the call from "Maloney" had been about the Deep Web, Reacher, Chang and Westwood meet with an associate of Westwood's, a computer hacker in Palo Alto. Westwood's contact is able to discover that Mother's Rest has a Deep Web site providing assisted euthanasia services. They further find that Michael had been speaking with another suicidal person over the Deep Web and arranged to meet them in Mother's Rest to undergo euthanasia together.
Reacher, Chang and Westwood come up with a plan to assault the pig farm outside Mother's Rest which is both highly remote and well-defended. After a mildly challenging, routine job of killing all of the armed employees, Reacher's team discovers that someone had converted the farmhouse into a film production facility. The entrepreneurs had lured in suicidal people over the Deep Web with promises of painlessly luxurious euthanasia services. Once the clients had arrived however, they were actually made the stars of expensive snuff films tailored to the viewer's specifications and sold over the Deep Web. Over two hundred such victims had been brutally murdered prior to Keever stumbling onto it in the course of his investigating Michael's disappearance. Reacher and Chang avenge Keever, Peter, and Michael by killing the last members of the conspiracy. In the aftermath of all that dirty work they decide to spend a little downtime in Milwaukee together.

*the meeting with Michelle at the station in Mother's Rest*

Night School
It is 1996. U.S. Army Major Jack Reacher is issued orders for what is ostensibly classroom training in some unspecified and presumably terminally boring military sub-specialty. He is teamed up with one male agent from the FBI and one male agent from the CIA. Their true assignment is to identify an American who had requested $100 million from certain Middle Eastern contacts in return for unknown merchandise or information. Reacher determines that he is an enlisted man from Sugar Land, Texas, named Horace Wiley who had gone AWOL in a reunified Germany 4 months previously.
The next task at hand is to determine exactly what possible threat to national and global security it might be that is fetching the American soldier's asking price of 100 million dollars.
Wiley is killed, though.
The real set up was contrived by an ex policeman, Dremmler, who had hopes to make Germany stronger than it was during the Nazi period and he had bought nuclear bombs from the US deserters (?) and put in warehouses.
Reacher kills Dremmler and calls experts to neutralize the weapons. (?)

*the kamikaze girl and the fat man*

The Midnight Line


No Middle Name
Too Much Time
Reacher stops a guy snatching a bag from a girl, but he's arrested by 2 cops who were chasing the thug under the charge of staging the scene to grab the content of the bag.
Reacher understands it is the other way round; one of the cops, Delaney, had staged the act to hide money he had stolen; Reacher leaves traces to the other cop, Aaron, who in the end captures Delaney.