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James Patterson

The Harriet Blue Series

Black & Blue
Harriet Blue confronts a serial killer - the Georges River Killer - who's murdering people in San Francisco:
Called to solve another mystery, the death of a prostitute, Claudia Burrows - she mistakingly thinks it's the work of the killer, but her partner, Tox Barnes, a man who was supposed to have killed a woman when still a child, understands this crime had been perpetrated by another doer.
The inquiries bring them to discover one of Claudia's colleagues, Hope, who, out of revenge had killed her and was going to kill another colleague, Jenny Spelling and her husband, whom they kept prisoners in a yacht she had always dreamf of.
After a violent confrontation, Hope is killed and Harriet can come back to her River killer; only to find out that he's just been caught: he's Samuel Blue, Harriet's brother.

Never Never
When Harry's brother is arrested for the murders of three young women, her boss needs to get the mercurial Harry away "for her own good" from Sydney and a merciless press. She is assigned to a mining camp in Western Australia with a new partner from Perth to solve the disappearance of a young miner. Soon this disappearance turns into more and Harry finds she can trust no one, not even her partner, in her new rough and tumble surroundings.
In the end the killer of those guys results to be Gabe Carter, who Harriet relied to as a partner to find out the man behind the crimes  and who  - later - became her lover, too.
Gabe Carter, in a final confrontation, shoots Harriet but she just pretends she's dead and kills him.

Fifty Fifty

The Women's Murder Club

1st to Die
First to Die by James Patterson is the first novel in the Women's Murder Club series. Lindsay Boxer is a inspector with the San Francisco police department, a strongly male-oriented career in which she has excelled for six years. However a health crisis and a high profile case threaten to destroy all those years of hard work. Lindsay turns to her good friend, Claire, and new friend, Cindy, and forms the Women's Murder Club in order to not only garner support from other women who understand the struggle of working in a male-oriented job but to help her solve this difficult murder case. Along the way, the club will also include Jill, a highly-ambitious assistant district attorney, and Chris Raleigh, Lindsay's new partner and new lover. First to Die is another exciting crime novel by bestselling author James Patterson that will more than live up to his fan's expectations.

Lindsay Boxer learns that she has a rare form of anemia called Negli's. This diagnosis is potentially fatal, leaving Lindsay emotionally vulnerable when she arrives on the scene of a double murder at a local luxury hotel. The couple had just gotten married and the female victim is still in her wedding dress. Both victims were stabbed, a brutal crime that seems like an assault on hope that Lindsay cannot handle so soon on the heels of her diagnosis. Lindsay is so emotionally touched by the scene that she nearly confides in an ambitious reporter, Cindy Thomas, when they run into one another in the ladies room.

Immediately after the beginning to investigate the bride and groom case, Lindsay is informed she will be working with a new partner, Chris Raleigh, a cop who has been working in the mayor's office for the past few years to mediate with the press in high profile cases. Lindsay is demoted from lead on the case to second and resents Raleigh's presence. However, as they work together, Lindsay learns that Raleigh is a good cop whose main concern is to find the killer. Together they begin searching for motives among the couples' friends and family, researching everything, including the father of the groom's business dealings.

As Lindsay begins treatments for Negli's, another murder takes place. Lindsay and Raleigh go to Napa Valley where the second couple was married and were staying in a local hotel before flying to Cancun for their honeymoon. As Lindsay and Raleigh discuss the case with a local cop, Cindy Thomas arrives. Lindsay agrees to drive home with Cindy if she will promise to keep any information Lindsay gives her secret until Lindsay gives her the okay. Lindsay discovers during this ride that she and Cindy have so much in common that Lindsey invites Cindy to meet Claire, another friend of Lindsay's. Over drinks, the ladies realize they all have an interest in the bride and groom case—Claire in her capacity as coroner, Cindy as a reporter, and Lindsay as the detective on the case. They decide to pool their knowledge and work the case together, forming the Women's Murder Club.

The next day, Lindsay and Raleigh return to Napa where they see the place where the bodies were found, an abandoned vineyard. Claire drives up to speak to the coroner and view the bodies. Claire and Lindsay drive back to San Francisco and Lindsay tells Claire about her devastating medical condition. Claire is distraught but understands Lindsay's need to continue to focus on the case.

Lindsay and Raleigh begin to search for a connection between the two couples while continuing to follow up on evidence found in both cases. Nothing seems to connect until Lindsay realizes that both brides got their dresses at the same Saks store in San Francisco. An interview with the clerk there garners a sketch of the suspect. This brings in another witness who spoke to a similarly-appearing man at the Brandt wedding. It seems the case is beginning to break when another bride and groom are found murdered.

Lindsay and Raleigh fly to Cleveland where they learn that Kathy and James Voskuhl were murdered during their reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The security tapes reveal a partial view of the suspected killer. Interviews with the bride's family and friends also reveal that Kathy was having an ongoing relationship with an abusive man whom she claimed was famous. This man turns out to be Nicholas Jenks, a famous writer residing in San Francisco. Jenks becomes the main suspect in the case. However, his fame causes Lindsay and Raleigh to be forced to move cautiously.

Lindsay and Raleigh visit with the district attorney's office in the hopes of getting a search warrant for Jenks' house, but they are turned down. However, this meeting inspires Lindsay to invite Jill Bernhardt to join the Women's Murder Club. At the same time, Lindsay begins a passionate affair with Raleigh despite the fact that her treatments for Negli's do not appear to be successful. During this time as well, Lindsay interviews Jenks' ex-wife and learns about a book - *Always A Bridesmaid* -  he wrote early in his career that parallels the bride and groom murders. This gives Lindsay the break she needs to arrest Jenks. After the arrest, the police find evidence in Jenks' house that appears to conclusively point to him as the killer.

After Jenks is arrested he claims he has been set up. The more Lindsay thinks about it, the more she thinks he is right. Lindsay begins to suspect Joanna Wade, Jenks' ex-wife, to be the killer. When Jenks escapes police custody, Lindsay goes to Joanna's house to search for Jenks but finds her dead. Raleigh follows someone who was seen leaving Joanna's building dressed like Jenks. When Lindsay catches up to Raleigh, she discovers he has been shot. At the same time, Lindsay comes across Jenks and his current wife arguing. When the wife attempts to shoot Jenks, Lindsay shoots her. Lindsay returns to Raleigh just as he dies.

After Raleigh's death, Lindsay falls into a depression despite the fact that her Negli's has responded to treatment and she will live. One day after everything has died down, Jenks breaks in on Lindsay and admits that he was behind the killings all along. Jenks tries to kill Lindsay, but she manages to kill him first.

The murder of the second couple who were having sex in a taxi.
Joanna undressing off her husband's clothes.

2nd Chance
Homicide Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is still recovering from the recent loss of her partner and is just returning to the force when she is called in to investigate a series of murders that include an 11-year-old girl and an elderly woman. Through her investigations she discovers a connection to a jail-hate gang called Chimera. After another police officer is killed by a sniper and then her boss is murdered, the trail leads to the ex-cop Frank Coombs.
To further complicate all of the Women's Murder Club ladies, Jill is pregnant and Claire becomes a target for the Chimera killer.
Cindy starts dating the murdered girl's pastor, Aaron Winslow, and Lindsay's father shows up, pretending he misses her daughter, but actually following Chimera, too, as he was present the day the killer slaughtered a young girl.

Finally, after chasing the trail of Frank Coombs, Lindsay trails the real killer, Rusty Coombs - the son of Frank Coombs - to a tower on a college campus where he has opened fire and killed several students. Rusty is getting revenge for what has happened to his father and no longer cares if he lives or dies. Lindsay kills Rusty at the college tower.

As an epilogue, Lindsay receives a postcard from her father in Mexico saying sorry for lying to her about his crooked past and telling her he has bought a boat and named it Buttercup, his pet name for her.

3rd Degree
Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer.follows a serial homicide investigation.
Boxer and her friend Jill Bernhardt, who works for the District Attorney, jog through the park. Together with Claire, the medical examiner, and Cindy, a reporter, the women make up the *Women's Murder Club*.
Boxer witnesses an explosion that turns out to be an assassination on the owner of a major corporation with questionable business practices. Soon, other benefactors of American capitalism begin to die.
Boxer works with Joe Molinari, from Homeland Security, to uncover a plot led by radicals whose sign is *August Spies* who aim to derail capitalism worldwide,
The motivation for the killings stems from a decade's old case in which federal agents killed the brother of a Charles Danko, a radical extremist.
Danko has waited decades to pull of his catastrophic payback. His final target involves a bomb and assassination at the G-8 summit.
Molinari and Boxer travel up and down the west coast to uncover leads, eventually learning that Danko now teaches in Washington under another name. Boxer takes down Danko at the G-8 summit, and prevents the bomb from exploding.
However, another "soldier" of Danko's *August Spies* group - a girl - succeeds in shooting the Vice president of the United States. Once taken into custody, she reveals Danko's whole plot. The vice president recovers, but Danko does not.

One subplot within the book involves Jill, who finally confesses her husband's pattern of abuse to Boxer and the other women. Jill comes through on a promise to her friends to kick him out, and the women congratulate Jill.
Jill, however, becomes Danko's next victim, because her father helped to prosecute Danko's brother's fellow protesters.
Another subplot involves Boxer and Molinari. Romance quickly blossoms between the two agents. They spend one evening in bed together. In the end, though, Boxer almost lets Molinari leave without being honest about her feelings. In the final chapters of the novel, Boxer calls Molinari's jet back from the runway and asks him to consider a long-term relationship with her.

Mimi poisoning George
Rick beating Jill & Jill leaving him ouy

4th Of July
When Lindsay Boxer gets a lead on a recent murder of two teenagers, she responds to the call and joins Warren Jacobi on a stakeout of a Mercedes. When the car takes off, a high speed chase ends in a crash. The officers discover two teenagers in their father’s car, who are scared and have been hurt. They help them out, but the teens pull guns and both officers are shot. After being hit in the shoulder and thigh, and seeing Jacobi shot twice, Boxer returns fire. The girl is killed, and the boy is paralyzed for life. As Boxer and Jacobi are recovering in the hospital, they are told that everything is legally good, that it was a case of self-defense.
Then, Boxer receives a notice she is being sued by the teenagers' father for wrongful death. Taking a vacation before the trial starts, Boxer housesits for her sister in Half Moon Bay. While there she reads about recent murders in which the victims’ throats were cut and they were whipped. This resembles an unsolved case from before, so Boxer begins to investigate informally. After a few days, the Half Moon Bay police chief tells her to mind her own business, but reconsiders when the next bodies are found. Boxer meets with her friends to try to determine a link between victims as her trial date approaches.

Boxer is found not guilty, and instead of returning to work right away, goes back to Half Moon Bay, determined to solve the recent murders. She is only there a day when the killers leave her a message by shooting up the house. She gets out and follows more clues, discovering that pornography bas the common denominator; all striken families had been victims or producers of porno videos; then finally catches up with a guy who has been following her, a Keith Howard, who had sold her a car and who she liked a lot until then.
He is arrested and provoked about his incapability of being a cruel criminal, he can't resist and confesses to the killings. It is not until Alison Brown, her friend’s daughter, shows up at her house that Boxer catches the other two killers, the very same Carolee Brown and Bob Hinton, a local lawyer. They are part of a vigilante group of former sex victims who take the law into their own hands, playing the role of *The Seeker, The Watcher, and The Truth*. After they are all arrested, Boxer returns to San Francisco a double hero, for winning the trial and solving the murders.

Lindsay buys and old car from Keith Howards *Brad Pitt*
Dennis Agnew in the bar
The trial Lindsay vs. the Cabot kids

5th Horseman
Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is the main character in The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.
This book is the fifth in a series written on the Women's Murder Club.
Lindsay is in her mid-thirties, slender with blonde hair. She works in homicide at the San Francisco Police Department. Lindsay is also a founding member of the Women's Murder Club along with ME Claire Washburn, reporter Cindy Thomas and attorney Yuki Castellano. Lindsay is involved in a long distance relationship with Joe Molinari, Deputy Director of Homeland Security. Lindsay lives with a rescued border collie named Martha. Lindsay's best friend is Claire, to whom she refers as "Butterfly."
Having been recently promoted to Lieutenant, Lindsay is often confused and unhappy with her role as supervisor. She prefers to be on the streets. Lindsay often works the streets with her former partner Warren Jacobi and his partner, Rich Conklin. Lindsay is a tireless worker who takes her work to heart and will keep on going to the point of collapse.

The story begins with a mysterious character named the Night Walker who kills a Hospital patient, Jessie Falk.
Two plots are intertwined; the first is about a serial killer murdering young girls and posing them into luxury cars; Lindsay Boxer and her team call them *Car Girls*.
The second deals with the murders that take place at San Francisco Municipal Hospital.
Patient whose diagnoses are not putting their lives in danger die continuously; and 2 buttons are placed on their eyes, once dead.
One of those victims is Keiko Castellano, Yuki's mother. Yuki enlists the aid of her friends to find out the real reason her mother has died.

Lindsay is called to the scene of the murders involving young women who have been murdered and then posed in expensive cars seemingly chosen at random. Each woman has been dressed in very expensive clothing from Nordstrom's. The case is puzzling until it is learned that the clothes are the link - one of the killers is an employee at Nordstrom's and has stolen the clothes to dress his dead models.
Lindsay captures the killers, who are a Kenneth Guthrie and Louise Bennet (a prostitute called Cherrie), and watches helplessly as Louise jumps out of a window.

Tied into the strange murders at Municipal Hospital is a court case against Municipal which involves a malpractice suit filed on behalf of twenty plaintiffs whose family members died at the hospital due to medication errors or perhaps outright murders. The ER doctor, Dennis Garza, working in conjunction with the prosecutor, flubs his testimony so that the hospital loses. The doctor and the prosecutor - Maureen O'Mara, who are lovers, will split the $18 million reward she will receive for the victory.
However, the getaway plan is foiled when an outraged father of a dead patient confronts Garza. Garza kills the man and then attempts to get away, only to be stopped by Lindsay.
The Night Walker - the murderer of Keiko and other patients - is uncovered to be a crazy nurse, Marie Saint-Germaine and is caught after her last attempt to murder another patient, who was an undercover agent posing as a patient.

the hospital manager: you are in charge!
the way they capture Marie Saint-Germaine in the end

6th Target
Lindsay Boxer has to solve three separate mysteries in this novel.

On a ferry, a madman named Alfred Brinkley shoots people and hurts Claire Washburn, LA's ME and Boxer's friend. Ike Quintana, an addict, voluntary points the police to Alfred Brinkley, a madman who hears voices in his head; while Boxer is wondering how to contact him, he spontaneosly turns himself to Lindsay herself, going to her house! She arrests him and puts him on trial.
Brinkley is defended by Mickey Sherman, an excellent lawyer who has to fight the People, represented by Yuki Castellano, together with Lindsay and Claire one of the member of the Women's Murder Club.
Sherman convinces the jury Brinkley's legally insane and so he's judged not guilty and simply interned into a criminal asylum.
Some days after the verdict, though, Brinkley kills his warden and escapes.
He goes to meet her mother, who reminds of having killing his sister when he was a boy; Brinkley gets violent again and tries to kill her at the very same time when Boxer catches him and finally manages to convict me; only to hear Brinkley still threatening her while moved to prison.

A parallel plot deals with a band of pedophiles, led by Paul Renfree, a man who was molested when a boy and now, with the help of his wife, kidnaps young guys with the intent of selling them to the child trafficking mafia; when he tries to kill Madison Tyler, SFPD tails him until they get their identity and manage to stop him and his accessories.

Do you know this man? I am him!
Do you really think you got me?

7th Heaven
Lindsay is confronted - as frequently happens in these series - by 2 cases.

We meet 2 thugs called Pidge and Hawk whose idea of fun is burning people alive.
They kill three couples until they try the big one in the house of a senator, Campion, whose son has recently disappeared.
Campion reacts, though, and kills Hawk. Pidge flees but after some search led by Boxer and her team, they find a lead in the college they attended together with the kids of the victims; they were some sort of geniuses who wanted to try the perfect murder without being caught and for no reason, being inspired by similar gory stories collected in a novel, *The 7th Heaven*, full of latin quotations they actually left behind them in the murder scenes.
After a final confrontation at his house, Pidge, too, is captured and incarcerated.

The parallel story concerns the same Michael Campion, son of a famous politician, who was reported missing but now he's been said to have visited a prostitute - Junie Moon - right before his disappearance.
Junie Moon is interviewed by the Police and confesses Campion died in her arms and then, caught by panic, she had called her boyfriend and decided to slaughter him and throw him away in plastic bags.
Junie is taken to court and tried but found not guilty.
In the meantime, a creepy wannabe writer, Twilly, stalks Yuki Castellano, who had represented the People in the trial and tells her he knows who killed Campion and tries to kill Yuki, too; he's caught in the act, though, and he reveals he knew Campion left Junie Moon alive and he had asked her to make up the whole story in order to write a book.
The reader is left with no answer until the very end, where we discover Junie Moon had contrived the whole thing; Michael's alive, he had actually been at Junie's that night as so many more as they were lovers and now, with everybody believing  he's dead, they reunite and fly towards a new life together!

8th Confession
Lindsay and her Women's Murder Club are in this book busy with three cases at the same time!

Stacey Glenn, a dropout girl from the high society has killed many people and she's undergoing a trial in which she has many cards to play; Yuki Castellano - the lawyer of the Murder Club - manages to convict her in the end, but only to find that Glenn, once secluded, is brutally killed - beheaded! - in prison.

The two major plots develop around 2 cases: a homeless bum who goes by the name of Bagman Jesus is beaten to death and then targeted with multiple shots; Linsday and her mates investigate the case but they initially find a wall of silence defending him; many people living in the slums where he lived seem to consider him a sort of a saint.
Boxer's team finally gives Bagman Jesus an identity; he is Rodney Brooker, a meth dealer who provoked a terrible explosion with a school  bus he used as a drug laboratory; he was not loved by the people who knew him but on the contrary he was feared and hated; he had been actually killed by his mates; who also planned to put the blame one on the other in order to make all confessions void and impossible to be used in a courtoom.

Then there's a girl, whom the reader comes to meet as *Pet Girl*, who kills rich people without leaving any trace behind; the corpses seem immaculate and intact. She kills some couples until Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin manage to trace her while she's trying another murder; her victims were killed with poison from lethal snakes; one of them bites Rich; but he manages to survive and Pet Girl is arrested.
In the end, she's revealed to be Norma Johnson, daughter of a man who had taught her how to manage dangerous snakes but wanted to throw her out of his house since she was hated by his lover; Pet Girl-Norma had killed him and from then on she had become a serial killer out of revenge.


9th Judgement
SFPD sergeant Lindsay Boxer and her squad are tracking down a man who approaches young mothers in shopping center parking garages and kills them and their infant children leaving behind a macabre writing spelling *WCF* with the blood of the victims.
Later we'll know that means *Women Children First*; the team calls him the *Lipstick Killer* and will finally discover he goes by the name of Pete Gordon.
This happens several times and causes widespread panic. The man then makes contact and demands a $2 million ransom in exchange for stopping the killing. He strikes at such random places and times that, despite Boxer's protests, the police decide to pay the ransom.

Boxer is selected to deliver the ransom and has the man guide her via cellphone. After forcing Boxer to strip to her panties to prove she is not wearing a wire, the man has her drive throughout San Francisco. The trek culminates on the Golden Gate Bridge where Boxer drops the suitcase with the ransom in it to a boat waiting below. The Coast Guard is able to apprehend the man in the boat, who turns out to be uninvolved in the killings—he had been told his picking up the suitcase was for a movie.

Upset at having not gotten his ransom, the man kills another mother and child. While at that crime scene, however, he was noticed by the owner of a store on Fisherman's Wharf. The owner recognized him as having bought a prepaid cellphone from his store earlier and gives Boxer and her team the surveillance tape from his store. From the tape, Boxer and her team identify the man and begin tracking him down.

Before they can find him, however, the man strikes again. However, the woman he chose was armed with a 22 caliber pistol—carried in response to the general panic caused by the shootings. She shoots the man and he dies just as Boxer and her team arrive.

In the plot's secondary case, a notorious female cat burglar dubbed 'Hello Kitty' breaks into the home of an aging movie star, Marcus Dowling and his wife Casey, whilst they are eating dinner; Casey happened to be law school classmates with Boxer's friend Yuki Castellano. The star and his wife come upstairs unexpectedly and the burglar is forced to wait in the closet until they fall asleep before she can escape. She waits, but in the process of escaping, knocks over a table. Marcus Dowling pulls out a gun and searches for the intruder before coming up with the idea of shooting and killing his wife in the hope that he can blame it on the burglar, who escapes unnoticed before the killing occurs. Through their investigation, Boxer and her team discover that Marcus had a girlfriend and wanted out of his marriage and that murder was cheaper than divorce. When confronted with the evidence, he falsely claims that he shot his wife in self-defense after she attempted to shoot him.

It is also revealed that the cat burglar is Sarah Wells, a school teacher in an unhappy marriage. She is also in love with a female colleague - Heidi - and is only burglarizing in order to get enough money so that she and Heidi can escape to another country and start a new life together.

At the end, it is revealed that Heidi is also unhappily married to Pete Gordon, the man who was killing mothers and children whom Boxer was tracking.

10th Anniversary
Two-story plot again for Lindsay Boxer and her Women's Murder Club partners.

A girl is found bleeding in the middle of a road; hospitalized and cured, she's revealed to have been pregnant; her name's Avis Richardson and she's an ordinary college girl but she doesn't want to say what she was doing there, why she lost and her child and where it is now.
In the meanwhile, more cases like hers come to surface; investigations lead to the College these girls come from; and in the College Avis is said t have been dating one of her teachers, Jordan Ritter.
After some search, Lindsay Boxer finds out Ritter's actually the father of the kid, whom Avis sold to an undeground organization - Prattalist - which gives away unwanted children to couples wanting to adopting babies; the baby in a adoption to a couple whom in the end are allowed to keep the kid while Avis remains alone and Ritter is condemned in court.

The main plot revolves around the case of Candace Martin, a woman who's accused of having killed her husband in front of her 2 children.
Yuki Castellano, Boxer's friend and one of the member of the Women's Murder Club, represents the People against her in court.
In the course of the trial we discover Ellen Rafferty, maid in the Martins' house, was having an affair with Dennis Martin, the victim; she confesses Mr. Martin sent her to a hit man - Gregor Gutzman - requesting him to kill his wife; but when Gutzman is interrogated by the police, the truth is revealed; Candace Martin had actually killed her husband; but neither for his money nor out of jealousy, but because he repeatedly molested their daughter.

11th Hour

12th Of Never

Unlucky 13

14th Deadly Sin

15th Affair

The Trial

The Medical Examiner

16th Seduction
Detective Lindsay Boxer and her husband Joe Molinari witness the explosion of Sci-Tron, a science exhibition in San Francisco; Lindsay is stricken by the presence of a man standing still, observing the scene without apparently caring for people running, shouting and the many people who have just died inside the structure.
Lindsay Boxer asks him who he is and he quietly answers his name is Connor Grant and he's not shocked, but he's admiring a real work of art and that he's the very author of that work of art causing death and destruction.
Boxer immediately arrests him, only to find, hours later, that he denies everything, claiming he was simply in shock; Grant is brought to prison anyway and immediately submitted to trial.
To everybody's surprise, Connor Grant decides to be his own lawyer and, surprisingly, he defends himself very efficiently and the Court declares him not guilty.
Lindsay is not convinced at all and so she starts investigating on her own, remaing under the radar because of the pressure the media exercise on her after the failed trial.
Cary Woodhouse, husband of one of the victims of Sci-Tron explosion has never given up, too, and had followed Connor Grant's moves; in the end Connor Grant reveals himself to be actually the culprit of the terroristic attempt; he is a psychopath who had killed his own family who made him suffer sexual harassment and from then on he had assumed a false indentity, got a degree in law and had never stopped playing with fire, literally.
Cary Woodhouse manages to stop Grant just before he's blowing another place, this time the City Hall; he shoots the car where Connor Grant is in; but the car explodes killing the murdered and Cary, too.
The whole plot is intertwined with that of another psycopath, an Edward Lamborghini - Neddie Lambo - who has spent all his life in a psychiatric ward for having killed his young sister but managing to escape from time to time to kill people injecting them a substance provoking a sudden and fatal heart attack.
Neddie Lambo is caught, too, in the end, and killed while trying to make another victim.

Connor Grant at the bay telling he did it
Elise Antonelli telling the jury Grant will defend himself alone
The trial