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Born in Tora (Caserta), Italy, on Sep 1st, ‘55, Giuseppe Gazerro  has been a teacher of English Language and Literature since ’87, but he has been devoting his heart to his deepest passion, music, since he was too young to talk and his activity of composing tracks dates back to 1969.

In those years, he started writing songs for an imaginary group he ambitiously named ‘Musichiere Dell’Arte’, and in which he was ‘The Hermit’.

For three years after that, he was in his first real line-up, the ‘Canzoniere Del Maggio’, a protest-song folk-oriented band with which he toured the whole North-East of Italy.

Later on, he formed his first group playing his own songs, ‘Jag Band’, which allowed him to be recognized as a songwriter.

In ’82, tired of the scanty recognition of the audience, he decided to follow the tracks of the pop-oriented fashion of the time, became a bassist and entered a funky-pop group, ‘Krundaals’, that still represents his greatest achievement, at least from the point of view of popularity.

In ’84, actually, ‘Krundaals’ recorded an extended play for the indie label ‘U-Boat’, ‘EMERGING’, a record favourably reviewed by most italian music magazines and broadcasted live on RAI 2 (Tandem) , RAI 3(Diskogenia), and officially distributed on the market.

In ’85, the ‘Krundaals’ are involved in the composition of the soundtrack of 'Indiscrezioni sulla Notte',italian picture movie.

Articles, reviews, pictures and videos of this period are available.

Once the group split (’86), he returned to his solitary activity of songwriting and, in the same year, he recorded a project, ‘Prologo Per Un Progetto Pretenzioso’, which was awarded of the ‘Best Artist of the Month’ prize by the musical magazine ‘Tuttifrutti’.

At the end of the eighties, while his teaching activity turned into a steady job, he formed two groups working on parallel lines: the first, ‘HB’, still alive and kicking at the moment, was meant to be a soul cover band and gave him a change to get back on the road; the second, ‘Esercizi Giornalieri Obbligatori’, later simply called ‘EGO’, was supposed to be the workshop of the songs he had never stopped writing.

With ‘EGO’, Gazerro recorded ‘All The Pigeons In The Rain’ (’91) and ‘Cristiani Battisti (’92), once again reviewed by all major italian mags.

When even the ‘EGO’ experience came to an end, he once again returned to his solo activity and thus in ’96 he produced a record, ‘TEMI SOSPESI’, officially published by A&M Songs & Music (recently remixed and edited) and three years later he started the project named ‘BIBLICA BOULEVARD’, which saw the light in the beginning of ’99.
*Biblica Boulevard* was positively welcomed and so Gazerro created a touring band naming it *Biblica Boulevard Revisited*, to underline the roots coming from the very same project and, at the same time, a new presence; Andrea Scarso, guitarist, who, from 2000 on, has been the co-author of all the tracks.

With a new line up, Biblica Boulevard Revisited recorded a brand new album named *LE COSE CHE SUCCEDONO E LE COSE CHE SONO* and performed in important venues like the Carnival in Venice and the famous MEI in Faenza, annual meeting of Italian Independent Labels.

But in 2003 also the adventure of BBR came to an end and Gazerro got back to his first love, Bob Dylan.

With the patronage of Maggie’s Farm (www.maggiesfarm.it) he performed in many Dylan tributes, namely in Rome (Big Mama, 2004), Milan (2005) and at Pistoia Blues in 2006.
At present he’s working at an album of Dylan covers in Italian, he’s writing down new songs with old BBR member Andrea Scarso and he’s keeping on playing live with his old soul band, HB.


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